Individual Counseling & Intensive Teen outpatient program (IOP)

Individual Counseling

Surrounded by so many constant stressors, we understand the importance of one-on-one teen counseling. No matter the situation, the staff at PathLight is passionate about guiding teens toward a healthier way of living and viewing themselves and the world around them. We understand every person who comes to us brings with them a unique life story and set of circumstances, requiring individualized means of treatment and care. PathLight Counselors are equipped and readily seek out the best possible way forward so our patients are encouraged to work through some of life’s toughest issues with a trusted therapist by their side.

your path (Teen IOP)

PathLight’s “Your Path” Teen Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to meet the needs of teenagers ages 13-17 struggling with a range of issues and is open to both males and females, from any background. The IOP is typically four months in length, runs four days a week, and is conveniently scheduled after school and Saturday. The program can be extended up to 1 year if medically appropriate.

Teens today face multiple stress-causing obstacles like never before at school, through social media, at home, and with friends. Our program is designed to address these stressors and the emotional and addictive behaviors that often result.

Our treatment philosophy is holistic and utilizes evidence-based practices which are proven extremely effective. While in the program, each family will work with a team of educated, trained, and credentialed counselors, medical personnel, and case managers to listen guide, and engage. Families will initially meet with a counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan to meet the teen and the whole family’s needs. They will be re-assessed at the end of the program to help decide the next steps.

We believe hope is the conduit for change, and motivation and encouragement always work better than fear, shame, and discouragement. The foundation of everything we do is based on positive psychology, which is very forward-looking and goal-oriented.

We are passionate advocates for the families we serve. If your teen is struggling, please reach out to us. There is no cost for confidential phone consultations. We will work directly with your teen’s school and other individuals or organizations involved, including your insurance company. We also offer peer support groups for parents and families at no cost.

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